Hearing Tests
Crystal Vision & Better Hearing utilizes the most accurate and clinically proven screening techniques to improve your hearing. Testing is performed exclusively by our Registered Hearing Instrument Practitioners. Learn More

Hearing Loss
On average, most people wait seven years between first noticing their hearing loss and finally take action. If you or a loved one are experiencing any of these hearing loss symptoms, it may be time to book a hearing evaluation. Learn More

Hearing Aids
Hearing aid technology has taken a quantum leap forward in recent years. There are now hearing aids that can fit any ear shape and improve nearly every problem. Learn More

Hearing Aid Repair & Service
Hearing aids today are built stronger than ever before, but they can require service or repairs. Crystal Vision & Better Hearing employees are trained to clean and service your hearing aids.We work with manufacturers to help with any warranty claims. We service or repair almost all makes and models. Learn More

Custom Ear Plugs
Hearing protection is not a one-size fits all. Hearing protection needs to be properly fitted to the person. Custom ear impressions are made for a variety of ear molds providing a secure fit for optimal protection. An impression of your ear canal is taken, which is then used to create your hearing protection. Crystal Vision & Better Hearing offers specially designed earplugs to suit every situation. Learn More