Crystal Vision & Better Hearing believes that one of the most cherished senses, your eyes experience the beauty of our world – gaze at the sunrise, watch a child laugh, express your deepest thoughts, and capture the attention of a stranger across a crowded room.

We don’t like it when someone misses life’s little moments because of untreated, or poorly treated vision. We’re not only committed to quality products but also to you. It’s our mission to make sure you leave happy and satisfied with the right eye-wear for your beautiful eyes.

Products & Services

Many vision problems can cause us to have issues dealing with every-day situations. Driving, watching television, working at the computer, reading the fine print, dealing with glare or bright sun, playing sports; all of these can be easier and more comfortable with the help of the right eye-wear.

At Crystal Vision & Better Hearing, we keep ourselves educated on the latest developments in vision care. We’re dedicated to providing industry-leading healthcare, vision exams, quality glass, protective lenses and the latest fashion to fit your own unique and quirky personality.

We’re not just dedicated to our own continual education – we want to share that knowledge to help you make the best decision for your eyes. Don’t miss out on all the beauty the world has to offer – let Crystal Vision & Better Hearing help you today.