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One of the most cherished senses, your eyes experience the beauty of our world – gaze at the sunrise, watch a child laugh, express your deepest thoughts, and capture the attention of a stranger across a crowded room.

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Near Sightednesss, also known as myopia, refers to seeing well at a close range, but not at a distance. Light entering the eye is focused incorrectly, making objects at a distant appear blurry. It is the most common eye condition.

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Farsightedness, also known as hyperopia, refers to seeing well at a distance, but having difficulty seeing objects that are at a close range. It is caused by the focusing power of the eye being too weak or incorrectly focusing behind the retina.

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Astigmatism makes it difficult to focus and see fine details, either close up or from a distance. It is caused by an abnormally curved cornea, causing light to be incorrectly focused in the eye.

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Glaucoma is a disease that leads to optic nerve damage. Once lost, vision cannot normally be recovered, so treatment is aimed at preventing further loss.

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