Types of hearing loss

There are four main types of hearing loss. One of the first steps in treating hearing loss is to discover the extent and the location of the damage. When the type and category are determined, we will be able to determine the appropriate treatment.

We work hard to help each and every one of our customers find the best solution to their hearing loss.

Degrees of hearing loss

Mild hearing loss

Keeping up with conversations, especially in noisy surroundings is difficult. Some soft sounds are missed completely.

Moderate hearing loss

Difficulty to keep up with a conversation without the use of a hearing aid. Soft and moderately loud noises are not heard.

Severe hearing loss

Group conversations are possible only with a lot of effort, and lip reading skills.

Profound hearing loss

Rely mostly on lip reading and/or sign language. Communication without a hearing aid is not possible.

Hearing loss causes

As resilient as the ear is, there are still countless factors that can cause hearing loss. Hearing loss can range from minor hearing issues to complete and total deafness.

Outer Ear

Causes in the outer ear can include a plugged canal due to ear wax, and infections of the auditory canal. Usually these are easily fixed problems if you act quickly to avoid hearing damage.

Middle Ear

Many physical problems can affect a person’s hearing including, inflammation, fluid behind the eardrum, perforations of the eardrum and otosclerosis. Most of these problems can be addressed with medication or surgery. If surgery is not an option a hearing aid can be an effective way to aid your hearing.

Inner Ear

Most instances of hearing loss are caused by problems in the inner ear. Loud noises, taking certain types of medication, skull fractures, as well as the general aging process are the main causes. These things cannot be addressed medically but a hearing aid can aid in correction.