Crystal Vision & Better Hearing offers a trade-in program which allows you to trade in your older hearing aids and trade up to the latest hearing aid technology. Receive up to $1,500 off towards new hearing aids.

Hearing aid technology has progressed leaps and bounds over the past few years. We want you to experience the difference that a more up to date hearing aid can make in your life.

  • Better communication and speech recognition in noise.
  • Smaller design, discreet and comfortable, yet powerful.
  • The ability to connect your television to your hearing instruments for the most clarity and speech understanding. Everyone watching receives a great listening experience at the volume level they prefer.
  • Experience better communication on the telephone. Imagine putting your phone to one ear and hearing the call in both ears. New technology improves your ability to hear, understand and connect.
  • Now rechargeable, never worry about buying or replacing batteries again.
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