We could not have been more wrong… a client’s story.

We noticed a growing increase in the number of times we were saying “Pardon me” or “What did you say?” to other people – and more importantly to each other.  As well, that the response we would get was more frequently becoming “forget it”.  That led us to start pretending that we could hear and agreeing with almost anything anyone was saying – whatever that might have been!  As you can imagine though, people can tell you can’t hear and just give up.

We realized two important things – that we had begun unconsciously avoiding social situations knowing that we would not be able to hear and hold a conversation – that we were expending a huge amount of mental energy trying (without success) to hear and just ending up being (and looking) confused.

Being in our late 50’s we could not believe that we would need any type of hearing aids, doubted they would help and were convinced they would make us look “old”.  As well, we were sure the sales tactics would be high pressure and that the hearing aids would be unaffordable.

We could not have been more wrong.

The hearing test is, as advertised, completely free and without obligation as is the trial period for hearing aids.  The people at Crystal Hearing Centre are focussed on your health and well being, not on “selling” you something.  They are warm and welcoming, very knowledgeable about hearing loss and its impacts on your life and how to offer you an individual solution that targets your specific hearing loss.  We were given a complete and thorough explanation as to the hearing loss we were experiencing (which was totally different for the two of us) and all of our questions were answered in a fulsome and respectful manner.

Even then, we were a little skeptical. Would they work for us? It’s a pretty big investment to risk if it’s not going to make a huge difference in the quality of your life.  Again Crystal Hearing understood the issue and we had full one month money back guarantee to back our trial. They even offered to extend the trial if we were not convinced.  We put those hearing aids to the full test the first week, going to noisy pubs, entertaining 12 people in our small condo, holding conversations on the train (not possible in the pre hearing aid world), and holding full conversations on the phone (something we had both started to avoid unless we were in a completely quiet room). After only one week, on our check back tune up at Crystal Hearing, neither of us would have given those things up for the world!

Richard & Deborah M. with Noland from Crystal Hearing Broadway

Richard & Deborah M. with Noland from Crystal Hearing Broadway

The concern about looking “old” is also completely eliminated with these hearing aids – they are virtually invisible on both of us, even with short hair or ponytails.  And, we are so delighted with the results that we have started to brag to our friends and colleagues – so we find ourselves showing them off rather than trying to hide them!  They are so innocuous that most people have a hard time seeing them, even when they are looking for them.

The impact of having hearing aids has been dramatic.  How wonderful to be fully aware of what is going on around you (it’s amazing what you have been missing and don’t realize it!) and to be able to have a full back and forth conversation – even in a noisy environment – without wasting brain power wondering what someone is saying. We liken it to the first time you put on a pair of glasses – remember how amazed you were at the detail and nuance in the visual world?  It’s a similar experience with our hearing aids with respect to the audio world – even music sounds better, and watching television is once again a pleasure rather than an effort.   The frustration is over – for us and for our friends and family.

Thanks Crystal Hearing Centre Broadway!

Richard & Deborah M.