Enjoy the world to the fullest!

Vanity-that’s what kept me from enjoying the world around me to its fullest for close to fifteen years.

After a recommendation from a colleague of my wife I visited Andy Rolleman at the Abbotsford Hearing Centre. Warmly welcomed by Jacqueline and professionally handled by Andy I purchased my hearing aids that same day.

What a difference! In the past I would sit at the back of a room so that there would be no noise behind me to interfere with the speakers in front of me but I knew I could not continue to do that.

Recently at a meeting in San Diego with almost six hundred people in attendance I was asked to sit in the second row. This meant almost 95% of the attendees would be behind me. I simply switched my directional microphones and I had absolutely no problem whatsoever.

My thanks to Andy and Jacqueline for their professionalism and the correct answers to my hearing problems.


Andy from Crystal Hearing Abbotsford with Bill R.

Andy from Crystal Hearing Abbotsford with Bill R.

Bill R.

Langley, BC